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Virgin Earth Foods

Kalongi (Black Seed)

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Finest Kalongi (Black Seed, Nigella Seed) is selected, cleaned, and packed in hygienic environment ensuring that all nutritional value is maintained.


Health Benefits


·         Kalongi  Seed Oil for Memory & Improving Concentration : Kalongi  seeds oil are related with alleviating your intellectual level when taken up with honey. It also boosts your memorizing ability, and you can take this in any age. It is very helpful for elderly people, as with age memory weakening is a general problem. It also improves your concentration power and treats brain-related diseases.

·         Kalongi  Seeds for Diabetes Patients : Diabetes is increasing at a very high pace. Kalongi  seeds is a very effective medicine for diabetes patients to cure diabetes naturally. It helps in regulating your blood sugar levels. Diabetes patients can consume it by adding Kalongi  oil in black tea. This decoction can be consumed on an empty stomach to get effective results.

·         Kalongi  Oil Good for Heart Health : Kalongi  seeds is very good for your heart, and it prevents you against various kinds of heart diseases. It helps in boosting heart health by controlling bad cholesterol levels in your body. To get best results, you can add Kalongi  oil in milk and consume regularly.

·         Kalongi  Acts as Natural Painkiller : Pain is a very common problem of today’s world and when you can cure your problem naturally without any side-effects, then why pop up any medicine? Kalongi  is a natural painkiller that can relieve your pain quickly without any side-effects. It is best used for getting rid of headaches. You can apply Kalongi  oil over your forehead and quickly purge off your ache. Its oil is also used to cure joint pain.

·         Kalongi  Good for High Blood Pressure : Hypertension affects vital organs in the body. To control its effects, people pop up so many pills which can further affect Kidney and other organs. Its symptoms can be controlled naturally with the help of Kalongi  seeds. Kalongi  seeds oil are also helpful in lowering down the bad cholesterol levels which helps in boosting the overall health of the organs.

·         Kalongi  Benefits for Teeth : Teeth are vulnerable to several diseases like plaque, cavity, swelling of gums, gingivitis, bleeding gums, and periodontitis. As you age, your teeth loose strength and you might suffer from a toothache. Kalongi  seed oil is an excellent natural remedy to treat your dental diseases. It also helps you relieve from a toothache.

·         Use Kalongi  Seed Oil for Cough & Cold Remedy : Another benefit of consuming Kalongi  seed oil is that it helps to cure your cough and cold naturally. You can consume it by making a decoction with warm water, honey, and Kalongi  seeds. You can take this, decoction two times daily to kill all the bacteria which are responsible for a cough and cold.

·         Consume Kalongi  Seeds for Weight Loss : Obesity leads to many health problems. Studies prove that Kalongi  seeds when consumed with warm water help in promoting weight loss. It helps in loosening the extra fat and makes you look slim and trim.

·         Kalongi  Seeds for Constipation Problem : Constipation makes you feel tired and uneasy the whole day. It can also affect your appetite. It is the most prominent gastrointestinal disease that impairs our digestive system. Kalongi  seed, when consumed with black tea, can help you cure your constipation problem easily and more efficiently.

·         Kalongi  Oil Best for Cracked Heels : As you age, you suffer from a cracked heel problem. Cracked heels look very awkward and embarrassing. This is the main problem of those people who possess dry skin. You can heal your cracked heels by soaking your feet in warm water containing one teaspoon Kalongi  seed oil and lemon juice. This will help cure your cracked heels very quickly.

·         Kalongi  Oil to Boost Immune System : Kalongi  seeds helps in boosting our immune system. It helps us stay away from many viral and bacterial infections. Consuming the mixture of honey and Kalongi  helps strengthen your vital organs and bones.

·         Kalongi  Oil for Different Skin Diseases : Kalongi  helps in maintaining a glowing and clear skin. It fights against several skin problems like acne, scars, dry skin, skin whitening, pigmentation, wrinkles, blemishes, pimples, etc. You can use it by adding its oil to your face pack or by mixing with lime juice. Your face will feel fresh and relaxed after trying this remedy.

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size 100 g
Amount Per Serving


% Daily Value *
Total Fat 17 g 22 %
Sodium 100 mg 4 %
Total Carbohydrate 50 g 18 %
             Dietary fiber 33 g 118 %
Protein 16 g  29 %
Calcium 1000.00 mg 77 %
Iron 16.67 mg 93 %
Magnesium 333.00 mg 83 %
* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contribute to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.