Our Story

Our philosophy of healthy living is derived from nature itself. Human machine works best when maintained in harmony with nature. The Creator has created human being for Himself and all other creations for humans. Excellence in human health can be best achieved by syncing our eating behavior with nature (of humans and of food).

“Naturally balanced diet” is on top of list of components of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally physical exercise, stress management and time management especially in sleeping and eating patterns are also important.

Virgin Earth is an endeavor to ensure excellence in seamless value chain to the deserving food consumer from whatever is naturally available. And then working continuously down the line to develop natural and organic value chain. Virgin Earth will not only materially facilitate but also educate its subjects in achieving healthy lifestyle through healthy and natural eating habits.

Healthy eating habits will lead to a happy healthy life which will ensure maximum efficiency in physical, mental and spiritual achievements. This will also lead to our group vision “Zahir theek tou Batin theek”. And eventually corrected Zahir & corrected Batin will lead to ultimate successes in both dunya and aakhirat.