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Virgin Earth Foods

desi Ghee

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Prepared traditionally by heating white butter from Cow milk


nothing added, nothing removed


aligned with nature


heating below smoke point of butter to prevent burning


Product Highlights


  • Process/Bilona

Virgin Earth 100% natural ghee prepared traditionally by milk to curd, then bilona/churn the curd to butter and then heating to ghee. 100% natural ghee is very rarely available, and those available are made directly from cream which is faster to make and gives more but lower quality ghee as compared to the bilona variety.

  • Pure

Nothing added, nothing removed. Virgin Earth cows graze their fresh fodder in the vast planes of green Punjab.

  • Natural

Virgin Earth Desi Ghee is aligned with nature. The production process applies the absolute minimum in technology and crafted at home by heating white butter. The use of desi ghee dates back to ancient times when cooking oils didn't even exist. This golden liquid is the first and the most essential of all foods.

  • Raw

The temperature is kept below the smoke point of butter (150°C ) to prevent burning of the milk solids and maintain the raw nature. However, the temperature is elevated to  130°C so the lactose, casein and whey proteins experience the Maillard reaction.

Browning the milk solids adds wonderfully toasted flavors that become infused with the butter oil.

  • Traditionally Crafted

At Virgin Earth rich traditional customary methods, prevalent from generation to generation, are used for crafting desi Ghee. Virgin Earth Desi Ghee is not industrially manufactured in bulk quantities but have a limited quantity which is traditionally hand crafted and packed with love.

  • Halal/Sharia Compliant

Within our value chain of Desi Ghee making, we try to maintain high level of belief in religious promises affiliated with milk products. All dealings and the art of trading is done in complacence with sharia rules.

  • Environment

Virgin Earth Desi Ghee is made with the greatest respect for the cows and environment. This Ghee is the essence of milk and a noble gift from nature.


Health Benefits

  • Good Cholesterol : Desi ghee is composed of fats of which 62% is saturated fats which play a prominent role in increasing HDL or good cholesterol, reduce LDL or bad cholesterol without harming the lipid profile. Ghee is also a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and is loaded with essential amino acids.

  • Boosts Digestion : Ghee is a powerhouse of short-chain fatty acids known as butyric acid which helps in breaking down of food more effectively, even while stimulating digestive enzymes. It is perhaps one of the few food products with natural butyric acid which can soothe and heal the digestive tract for better functioning.

  • Regulates Blood Sugar : Contrary to the belief that ghee needs to be avoided by the diabetics, it, in fact, serves as an agent that can metabolize and balance the levels of high blood glucose levels. It is strongly recommended for diabetics to add ghee in their diet as it not only facilitates smooth digestion but also stimulates the production of insulin to manage diabetes.

  • A Healthy Source of Energy : Since ghee contains less fatty acids than other alternatives, it makes a good and constant source of energy. It also has antifungal and antimicrobial substances besides its energy-boosting attributes. The body absorbs ghee similar to the way it absorbs carbohydrates; hence, consuming ghee in moderate amounts can keep you energetic all day.

  • Great Replacement for Healthy Cooking Oil with a High Smoke Point. Using ghee as cooking oil when preparing any meal is a smart and healthy choice! Not only does it give food a buttery flavor and an enticing smell, but it can also handle up to 232 degrees Celsius heat. Pure Desi ghee is also less prone to nutrient destruction or oxidation when exposed to heat

  • Heals Urticaria : Urticaria or hives are sudden breakouts on the skin, that appear like small bumps on the surface often caused due to insect bites, allergies or even stress. While this condition is usually treated by antihistamines, Hakeems recommend applying pure desi ghee on the affected areas for immediate relief from itchiness. It also prescribes consuming half-a-spoon desi ghee mixed in one spoon black pepper powder daily on empty stomach to treat the problem permanently.

  • Improves Reproductive Health : Ghee is recommended for improving the functioning of male and female reproductive organs. Women of reproductive age are advised to take two teaspoons of desi ghee daily to regulate hormones while in men the same amount of ghee improves sperm quality and motility.

  • Treats Insomnia : Ghee is a wonder ingredient for those suffering from insomnia. Gently rub ghee on temples and on the stomach around the naval to balance ora energy and to cool down the body. This massage leaves a calming effect on the mind, triggering a good amount of sleep.

  • Melts Belly Fat : Desi ghee is all you need if you want to do away with that stubborn belly fat. The conjugated linolenic acid in this amazing dairy product helps in shedding those extra fat deposits. Traditionally, it is recommended to massage a little bit of camphor with desi ghee around the belly to melt it away.

  • Good for Eyesight : Regular intake of ghee improves vision, owing to its good amounts of vitamin A. The traditional practitioners use ghee along with triphala or with honey for the external application to improve the eyesight.

  • Stimulates Lactation : New mothers are advised to consume ghee in good amounts without worrying about weight gain. It is a myth that lactating mothers should avoid ghee in their daily diet. Contrary, it stimulates lactation, provides nourishment to the body, heals and soothes from within, balances hormones besides strengthening joints.

  • Ghee for Babies : Ghee portraying strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties is strongly recommended for the babies as young as 6 months. It in fact contains 108 micrograms of Vitamin A for every tablespoon and copious amounts of Vitamins D and K for developing and strengthening of bones.

  • Helps to Gain Weight : Ghee is an elixir for those babies struggling to put on weight, just being on breast milk. It triggers the growth spurt and helps the baby build stronger bones and muscles in less than 2 months.

  • Soothes Skin : Skin allergies are common among babies these days. One such common allergy eczema which is often found in the babies born during winter months. Apply a thin layer of ghee on the affected areas as it serves as an antimicrobial and prevents eczema from spreading throughout the body.

  • Triggers Overall Growth in Babies : Ghee is beneficial to babies in many other ways. It improves their eyesight, brightens the skin tone and builds immunity. A super source of vitamins, minerals and DHA helps the baby fight against seasonal infections like cough, cold besides aiding in digestion.

  • Skincare : Believe it or not, this golden, greasy ingredient is an amazing skincare product that has been in use in various skin care products for many generations now. Ghee is a wonder remedy for treating burns, wounds, acne, scars caused due to chickenpox or even burns.

  • Fosters Healthy Hair Growth : Desi ghee possesses an intrinsically oily consistency, in addition to vast reserves of vitamin E and good unsaturated fatty acids, which infuse hydration to the locks, seal in moisture in the scalp, to tackle dry, dull, lifeless hair. Moreover, lauric acid - the antimicrobial compound in ghee that displays antibacterial, antifungal qualities, thwarts dandruff, resolves flaking, itching, to bestow a clean and clear scalp. Massaging some warm ghee on the scalp and hair immensely improves blood circulation to the follicles, promotes the growth of dense new strands, conditions the mane and confers healthy, silky, thick tresses.

  • Ghee does not Promotes Weight Gain : Being rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and essential fatty acids, it can in fact cut down on the size of fat cells, mobilizing them in order to burn energy. It promotes lean body mass even while the amount of stubborn fat in the body is high, and helps in boosting metabolism. If you want to shed those adamant storages of fat in your waistline, thighs and hips, add a spoon of desi ghee to your daily diet.

  • Ghee is good for Cardiac Patients : Desi ghee is a powerhouse of vitamins A, E, D and Conjugated linoleic acid and a whole range of antioxidants that play a major role in the proper functioning of the heart and cardiac muscles. Since it is also prepared at a high smoking point, it prevents good fats from turning into harmful compounds, which can harm your cardiac health. However, take it in moderation.

  • Desi Ghee is not Harmful for Lactose Intolerance : The process of making ghee eliminates milk solids making it both lactose and casein free. It is generally recommended for lactose intolerance people too, unless the person suffers from a severe form of it